Friday, May 6, 2011

Start of Something Wonderful

I’m not sure why I think I have all the time in the world to start this but why not just add on to the already teetering pile ‘o stuff.  Family, work, hobbies, and now let’s add student.  I’m going to put in my order in for 3 extra hours in the day.  I’m also going to order a huge supply of coffee.  

When I say “student” I’m not talking about enrolling in a program or class.  I’m thinking more of a home study, self-guided type thing.  Here’s the thing…I’m going to make up my own spinning program.  Yes, I realize it will not be a real spinning master program.  But I fully intend to challenge myself with techniques and give myself writing assignments, etc.  I also plan to keep fiber samples and fiber descriptions/records in 3-ring binders much like a real master program.  
I’m tellin’ ya, I really do need those 3 extra hours in a day.  
Where to start?  There will be no orientation with this course to get me started.  No teacher to hand me a list of supplies, or a list of required reading.  Thinking back on my college years I think the first step would definitely start gathering supplies and heading to the book store.  Luckily I already have many of the needed supplies. 
Here are some supplies I think I’ll need:
Hand Cards
Fiber dye
General dyeing supplies
As many fibers as I can get my hands on
3-ring binder
Photo protector sheets
Cross Stitch floss cards
Index cards
Small plastic zip bags
Tags (metal ring and “sale”)
Self-adhesive labels

Note: I do not plan to purchase everything on this list at one time.  As assignments are realized I will purchase necessary items to complete the assignments.  

Secondly there needs to be required reading material and a first assignment.  This is where I fall flat.  If I don’t know where to start I don’t know what to assign.  I have this amazing sampling of fibers just waiting to be spun but I don’t want to dive in until I have a proper application and clearer view of a beginning and end.  I have some assignments that I know I will be preparing such as ply studies and dye (natural) studies.  But where to begin…

10 Breeds Sample

I just had a thought, the fibers I currently own have been processed into top or roving, maybe I should start with spinning and dyeing them using acid dyes.  As the course advances I’ll purchase unprocessed fleece/fiber and process it from fleece to finished yarn, including natural dyeing.  Hmmm…sounds like a plan.
If anybody would like to join in with me on my spinning journey, drop me a comment and maybe we could start a Ravelry group (I’ve even thought of a name: Spin Drills).  If not, you can check back here for updates on my progress.