Tuesday, September 7, 2010

that boogie eludes me

As a parent my biggest arch nemeses so far has been the boogie. The ever present and super regenerative boogie. It’s like it has some sort of magic power over me. My new mom nails are too short to dig it out. If I go after it with a q-tip it just gets smashed to the wall of his nose only to perk back up and laugh at me. Or if I get really aggressive with it and declare war, it is only to the detriment of my son who makes this snorking noise that makes it seem like he just can’t breathe at all. And then the ultimate boogie slap in the face is if I do get it, another one appears in its place with super sticky abilities. It’s all just a huge boogie blot against me. I have a feeling me and the boogie will be doing battles for years to come. Damn you boogie!!!

And worst boogie offense of all...it shows up in pictures.  See the evidence below.


Now for a pic with lots of cute factor but no boogie.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

title: can't think of a title

You ever read a blog and think the writer has everything together? They seem to have a firm grasp on perfection. I certainly have and I am fascinated by these people. Who are they? What is their day like? What photo editing program are they using? I hate not knowing things. So I start the search. I’ll read every blog post just in case that hidden in their writing is the secret button or feature they used to get those bold pics. Or maybe they will post some secret time strategy that allows them to accomplish everything they want and still raise seemingly happy healthy children and have the best marriage ever. Maybe a book they read and all of sudden it all fell into place.

Well, lets just say I’ve never had this grasp on perfection. I apparently have slippery hands and will probably never have this grasp on perfection. So until I find the magic button or read the magic words, you are stuck with me. Just me and my words. Just me and my pics. Just me and my thought. Course, I do like my words, my pics, and my thoughts.

Don’t know really where I was going with that. Just thoughts.
In other news, Paul, James, and I went to the Winter Haven and Lakeland Saturday markets.  Both are geared towards organic grown produce and plants.  On to the days scores.  Tomatoes, an onion, purple and red bell peppers, spices, cukes, and plumes (not pictured).  I've already used the cukes and onion and made bread and butter pickles using the Alton Brown B and B recipe (I doubled the recipe).  I plan on using the plumes to make baby food. and the tomatoes I think I'll be using for stuffed tomatoes.  The peppers will be fired roasted and frozen for future use.  Love me some fire roasted bell peppers.