Tuesday, September 7, 2010

that boogie eludes me

As a parent my biggest arch nemeses so far has been the boogie. The ever present and super regenerative boogie. It’s like it has some sort of magic power over me. My new mom nails are too short to dig it out. If I go after it with a q-tip it just gets smashed to the wall of his nose only to perk back up and laugh at me. Or if I get really aggressive with it and declare war, it is only to the detriment of my son who makes this snorking noise that makes it seem like he just can’t breathe at all. And then the ultimate boogie slap in the face is if I do get it, another one appears in its place with super sticky abilities. It’s all just a huge boogie blot against me. I have a feeling me and the boogie will be doing battles for years to come. Damn you boogie!!!

And worst boogie offense of all...it shows up in pictures.  See the evidence below.


Now for a pic with lots of cute factor but no boogie.


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