Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What do you do?

I ripped.  I frogged.  I actually did it.  I decided that the previous weeks worth of knitting that was hugenormous; was my own fault and I needed to put my big girl pants on and frog it.  Like ripping off a Band-Aid I just had to close my eyes and pull out the needles.  At least with a Band-Aid you can soak it with alcohol and it will not sting so much when removed.  Pulling the needles out stung.  
Let’s discus the Flared v-neck cardigan.  Shall we…

When I cast on the cardi I was unconcerned if it was bigger than the store model.  Actually I was quit okay with the possibility.  Comfy sweater to curl up with, who doesn’t like that?  What I didn’t want was a huge multi-person cuddle sweater.  Saturday I compared my sweater with the store model sweater, faced with the evidence I came to my senses and realized the enormity of my knitting (litterally), I made the decision to plow through and keep on knitting.  She was already 2 inches too long.  I didn’t care, she was going to surround me in comfort and warmth (and style too).  I heard the voice telling me “it’s just not right”, “It is really long and in pieces so what’s going to happen during seeming?”  I again made the decision to squash those negative Nelly thoughts and knit on.  

Today on the other hand I guess I was thinking a little clearer, or less optimistic. While listening to a podcast, the podcaster talked about finally making the decision to frog because the arms of her sweater were going to be the wrong size.  I’ve also succumbed to my inner smarty.  Partly because it dawned on me that I’m knitting with a yarn that contains a substantial amount of cotton.  Yes there is some wool but not enough to counteract the wet cotton growth phenomenon.  It grows and grows and grows.  So, a cardi that is huge now will be hugenormous once wet and blocked.  

Here is where we find out if a lesson is truly learned.  Will I swatch or will I simply drop down a needle size and cast-on again?  

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  1. Swatch?? What the hell is THAT?!?! I say WING IT!!!