Saturday, September 17, 2011

Like Butta'

I must admit that I'm a huge "I can't believe it's not butter" fan girl.  In the last few weeks or so I've really been wishing it would go on sale so that I could stock-up on.  Well, I recently found out that margarine is one molecule away from being plastic.  Plastic people.  Can you believe it.  I was fully shocked by this news. 

In light of this disappointing information I decided to make ridding my family of margarine one of my steps towards healthy living.  No more margarine in my family.  I must admit that I'm so not happy about this.  But, there is a morsel of yumminess in this decision.  We will be using more oils and butter.  Real Butter.  Like homemade Real Butter.  Say it with me with your best Julia Child impression "mmm, buttaaa". 

Homemade Butter - YUM!

Now don't bow down to my domestic godessness, it's not nearly as hard as it might seem.  Can you pour some cream into a food processor, mixer, or blender?  I'm really quiet positive that the answer to this is going to be yes.  Then you can make butter.  I don't want to bore you with the explanation here so I'll linky link some You Tube vids for your viewing pleasure at the end of this pot. 

Want to use your real butter that you've made.  How about an Egg-in-a-hole breakfast?  I was watching Pioneer Woman (her blog, and her Food Network page) this morning and she made them.  They are sooo easy and very yummy.  Honestly I wasn't expecting to like them so much.  I mean, it's only butter, bread, and egg.  But yes, it was really good.

Made in my grandmother's iron skillet using homemade butter just made it just that much yummier.

So here are some linky links for ya (in addition to the ones in the post):

Foodwishes butter in a Mason Jar - I warned you that I love Chef John's food vids.  And there is a rim shot in this one, fair warning.

Making butter in a food processor

Making butter in a stand mixer - this is how I do it but without all the mess.  I use a whisk and don't turn it up nearly this high.  I may take a little bit longer but not messy at all.  I don't however, but will in the future, clean my butter this well. 


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