Monday, September 12, 2011

one at a time

I had a lot of time to think lately.  I mean A Lot.  I've done a bunch of laying around resting and recovering.  This time to veg has lead to time to think.  People who know me best will know that this is not always a good thing and seem to think that I think too much.  you know who you are.  Anyway, what has all this thinking lead too?  Health.  Lots of thinking about health.  The health of my body and my families bodies.  Nutritional health.  Physical health.  Going for my, I don't know, what is this my 5th surgery in a lifetime got me thinking.  Look, the others were probably just the way life goes, I don't think cholesteatomas (link has really gross image of the thing) were going to be corrected by healthy eating or more exercise.  But a torn rotator cuff might have been.  It became a much bigger deal to me to go into surgery, even one as "normal" as this one, when I thought about my little guy being left behind.  Melodramatics aside, it was scary for me. 

check out 2 of the 6 stitches above the "eye" of the peacock feather.  I think the Dr. tried to cut in between the feather lines.
So after all the thinking and pondering and sitting on my arss I came to a conclusion.  Da Da Da Da...I need to heal myself and keep the family healthy in the process.   This might prove more difficult than I'm willing to admit to myself right now but I have to make the effort to make a change. 

I have a tendency to go against the grain in a lot of areas, why should health be any different.  See: cloth diapering and making baby food.  ahem

Here is where it gets tricky.  My main hurdles will be $$, time, and change.   As most of my friends know I'm totally into couponing and saving money at the grocery store.  As most of you may also know finding good deals on organic and healthy foods is a bit of a challenge.   Time is also to be considered.  It's called convince food for a reason.  Busy families need fast food.  By "fast" I mean quick.  And by "quick" I'm talking 30 mins at most.  That's about all the time I'm willing to spend in the kitchen.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to cook, but I also LOVE to spend time with my family.  3rd hurdle is change.  Change is sooo hard.  Why did they have to make change so hard.  insert me whining here. 

So how have to figured I would clear these hurdles?  One at a time.  Seriously, I'm not gonna be able to change everything at once.  It's gonna have to be one at a time.  Changing one thing at a time.  For instance, adopting a new recipe.  Stocking up on organic foods when they are on sale.  Growing my own organic garden.  Learning that I don't have to change everyones' opinions about my changes.  That's a hard one. 

I love to give resources/links so here ya go.  If you're interested in some of the sites that I'm visiting lately, here they are. 

Christina Cooks - She is amazing.  Her story is amazing.  She is hardcore though so it's not for the faint of heart.  These are the recipes I hope to incorporate into my meals, One at a time.  It's gonna take some convincing to get Paul to accept eating tofu and he may never but I can certainly try making it tasty enough to assist in the convincing. 
The Krazy Coupon Lady - they list matchups for Whole Foods.  It does mean that I'll be making more trips to Tampa but that's workable.  We do have a local Chamberlin's Natural food store so I'll hopefully become more familiar with their products and be able to score some deals. 
I want to start practicing Yoga again.  I felt so good when I practiced.  So I think that Yoga Journal will be lots of help, it's like I'm newbie again.  My biggest concern now of course is not re-injuring the shoulder but helping it to heal properly. 

I think that's enough my rambling on tonight, besides I've got to choose a great tofu recipe for Paul.  ;-)



  1. I say good for you. Anyone who has negative opinions about you wanting to make a healthier life for you and your family is crazy. I hope your shoulder is doing better and we need to hang out again soon. It was so much fun...

  2. I had a similar epiphany recently. I have been having heart palpataions and chest pains for a while and the cardiologist didn't know what it was. I had to have a heart cath done 2 weeks ago. On the up side, the chest pains are stress, not heart problems. On the down side, I have the beginnings of heart disease. I was told, in not very nice words, that I HAVE to change. My diet, my lack of exercise, all HAS to change.So I totally get what you are saying. The thought of something happening to me and leaving the girls with no mom is terrifing to me.
    We should get together. We can be each others cheerleader!!! ;)

  3. I didn't know you had a heart cath. How scary. Yes, we should get together. Maybe a trip to Whole Foods is in order.